The human mind is capable of processing and assessing each and every minute details it passes by.
Most of the time we do not realize what we have seen or what we just heard, but the mind sees it all.
I am just an amateur trying to understand my own conscious and unconscious mind.
For serious study and research read Sigmund Freud๐Ÿ˜Š

Why is it that sometimes we are simply unable to comprehend our own thoughts?
Why is it that we often have a fight in our minds instead of saying things directly to the person?
Why do we feel that some instances have already occurred and we are experiencing it again?

Trust me I thought myself to be a psychic or something when it happened to me...
but guess what!!!
There are more like us people๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
So STOP worrying
It's just MIND playing tricks on you.

Our Subconscious is always awake and it is a very sincere learner, it takes down all the notes, associates it with previously stored information, and then assimilates it with our present.
It is a very fast hi-tech machine.

We all listen to innumerable things in each passing moment of our life and our mind stores all of it and then it starts processing it intentionally or unintentionally we tend to remember the instances in which hurts us. And then we try and settle that account as soon as we get the chance. this is the normal cycle of our day to day life. It so happens that, you visit a place for the very first time, yet it seems familiar or you meet someone and feel that you have known them for ages.
In most common terms scientific community calls it Deja-vu. However, it's just your mind and your consciousness, working in its own mysterious ways.

The whole objective behind this discussion is to make you realize, that your mind has immense capability to face any hurdle in life and overcome challenges of any sort. So, in times when you feel that your heart and mind is giving up, its just taking time to heal and process. Just hang in there, give it some time, let it process. Everything will be just fine by the end.
And, like Kant said, the answer to all is already present in our minds, we just need to find it within.

Love yourself and live to tell your story.


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