Well I have been thinking about writing this for a long time....
and this morning I felt its the right time,nothing special as such but it just felt right.
Why is it that we think twice before doing anything?
why is it that we are never sure of approaching somebody......I did and the results were quite dramatic.
seems friendship after all is not an easy deal.....and maintaining it is much much harder of a task.
What is friendship? Is it just another relationship of sharing or loving someone, wanting someone in your life.....then what is it that makes it such a difficult thing to carry on...I have met different people in life till now,we all do......and during this course of time I met two special people....and thought the bonding to be a lifetime affair...but it wasn't. It did not last and when I first started contemplating I thought we failed,we failed to maintain it..or was it just the situation ,our differences,mistrust,bonding,level of thinking,distance,my failure,taken for granted thing....name it and I thought about everything ,every possible reason that failed our friendship.
well it was not any of the above mentioned reasons.......it was just not meant to be....no matter what it was not going to work out....sometimes we have to let go...and life is all about letting go things,relationships and people.
I guess this is the answer...or will I never find one.
But I know one thing for sure , that its high time I should go on with my life and let them do the same.


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