Productivity mania and the mounting stress levels.

We all are witnessing something very different right now, for the past few months there is one such thing which has bound us together in spite of our differences. In this time of the unprecedented pandemic, we are sharing the same feelings knowingly or unknowingly, fear of loss, pain, suffering, stress, anxiety, and depression, amidst these feelings there is one more frenzy we are surrounded with, "Being productive". With all the time to ourselves during the lockdown, it seems we have all become hyperactive, setting unrealistic goals and continuously making new resolutions. 

It's good to be productive, but in a way, it is hampering the mental peace. In the race of being over-productive and fetching new heights of achievement each day some of us are being prone to stress and anxiety. Instead of making the innumerable agendas, it is more important to maintain the inner balance of our hearts and mind. Don't expect unrealistic outcomes, try to keep yourself busy, definitely do things you wished for long, try to connect with old friends, family members, and most importantly spend time with yourself. 

It is necessary to understand that we all are going through a very challenging time, and no matter what we won't be able to accomplish all that we desire. So, calm down :)
This pandemic has taken away much more from us than anyone could have ever thought of, with mounting unemployment, reduced salaries, and increased expenditure we all are fighting our own battles. From what I can say based on my situation...I am feeling stuck! As if everything has stopped. Nothing is working out. I had planned so much about my research work, collection of data; visiting places, interviewing’s all on hold now. So, I am just waiting, waiting for things to get better and do whatever I can meanwhile. 

We desperately need to watch our mental, physical and emotional health. So, do things that make you happy and bring inner peace to your daily life. 
And, watch out for FOMO...for it will surely just add to the stress. Relax, breathe, and work on short term goals. 


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