Long Pause and some new learnings

Hello my dear readers,

Apologies for not being around for a very long time. I definitely owe an explanation to all of you, so here I am after a long pause. 

Past few months or rather the whole year has been quite eventful (Professionally speaking), for the starters, I completed and submitted my doctoral thesis, I started with a full time job and published a few articles. So that's all on the professional front.

Personally, this year has been the year of learning, I learnt how to be detached from the unwanted/insignificant things in life, I learnt that sometimes being silent does the job, I learnt that age doesn't teach you anything, it is instead your experience and challenges that you have faced/overcome which truly teaches you or helps you grow in life. I learnt to not expect anything in return when you give something to others (emotionally, physically, financially etc.), I regained my trust and faith in the almighty, I regained some of my energy and enthusiasm and, I learnt that it is very-very important to remain calm.

Everything works at its own pace and at its own time so there is no point in being restless. Also, being alone quietly with yourself is very healing and soothing. Try it!


I now wake up with strained back, pain in my legs, and a constant brain fog.

By the way all of you who are still in your early 20's... GAS is real and it can lead to many-many other random problems which has no explanation or logic.

But, I have cracked a solution... Any guesses?

Yes you are correct! 

"drinking water" and a "good nap 😴". 

Water is water, nothing can replace it.


Sleeping solves everything, it's the best medicine to just wash off all the dirt accumulated in your mind. It helps you rejuvenate and  replenish your energy.  

To sum up, I really think that our mental strength and knowledge of self plays a major role. Each individual is different. We all have  separate ways of functioning, so there cannot be any one mantra to live. Understand your own body and mind, eat right, sleep right, spend more time with yourself rather than the others, understand your needs, embrace your imperfections and love yourself. 

That is all!

Let me know in comment section, what you have been up to? 

Would love to know significant updates in your life. 

Love you All ✌


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