In my memories there stands a house,

a house filled with chaos, unending conversations, laughter and tears,

the verandah which witnessed cycle of life,

the small garden bearing fruits of all seasons,

the rooms that sheltered generations.

There lingers the musty smell of old damp walls,

the shelves with  clothes that were once worn,

the books lined up slantly, read by many eyes.

I can still see my reflection in the mirror with chipped frame,

hung just near the small window in the dim light.

Reminiscence of the simply cooked food and the joy of eating together,

the fondness for little treats,

the special meals for Sunday,

now fills my heart.

All of this lies now in my memories,

A house that no more exists,

the people who have now crossed over to the other side,

along with the trees that once blossomed with life,

the garden which now barely exists in the corners of concrete patch.

Reminding me how short-lived moments are.

All of, that is, that was,

will just be a memory.

~ Akanksha


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