Resilience: The ability to bounce back and withstand any adversity. 

The last two years have not been kind to me or I must say favorable to me. It has tested me in all possible ways, mentally, physically, financially, and emotionally. Blah blah blah...

What I learned along the journey of these two years, is one never comes out of it. It all depends on what you make out of the mess. Yes yes...Sour lemons....lemonade. You got it! Bingo. 

Seriously, many of us hanging here do not have the option or luxury to go on a trip/vacation/staycation to empty our minds. We have to stay in the same mess that year had to throw on us and deal with it and, move on or stay doing the same. Face it matter haw fast the world changed, the life remains the same. So, those who can emapathise are welcome to leave their comments below, on how they are coping. 

I can use some motivation.

As far as my life is concerened it has not been very great as I said earlier, I fought hard, still fighting and will keep on doing the same. I am being resilient. Lets see what comes after...still waiting for things to get better, fingers crossed.

That's all, catchup later. Thanks for reading :)


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