The existential arguments on love - my interpretations

Existentialism unlike Idealism believes in the existence and experiences of human beings, and not in the absolute reality. They believe that each individual is solely responsible to give meaning to their lives and living it with passion. humans through their experiences and consciousness make their own values and determine their lives. In other words, "existence precedes essence"(Jean-Paul Sartre). Nietzsche, on the other hand, puts experiences prior to any other thing in life, "What I find, what I am seeking- was that ever in a book".

As humans, we make our own reality and we all have our personal truth. Existentialists argue on emphasizing human experiences in comparison to the theoretical truth. For them, we as able "beings" in flesh and blood need to be more self interrogative and introspective. Nietzsche says we are in a state of flux, and nothing is absolute. He argues that we as individuals who possess wisdom and consciousness, should question everything, and accept nothing as a fact. Probing into the pre-existing realities can only lead to growth. One should never accept anything for what it is.
So, how can love between two people remain the same throughout life? 
Guess what!

It changes, all relationships change. Nietzsche holds, friendship is the most important part of any relationship.
From what I could interpret and understand from the existential account on love, is that- it might be any relationship in the world, if we stop growing together, the love fades away. 
It is that constant struggle of becoming a better version of yourself that keeps the fire ignited. For, in friendship we constantly strive to give rather than take, we keep on introspecting our actions. Similarly, in each and every relationship we need to constantly work, the ideal picture doesn't exist,  instead, we work towards it in a relationship. That's how love grows. The key to a successful relationship is finding the meaning of our lives through the other person, and grow together. Look beyond the possessiveness and thirst to control each other, rather embrace the freedom.

"live and let live"

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