LOVE- Terms and conditions applied!!!

Love is the most common feeling which binds us. Each and every action is defined or in some way influenced by love. Give it a thought, love for the morning, love for the moon, love for the sun, love for food, music, dance, people, and the list goes on...
Practically speaking, it decides the day for you.

The feeling of love defines our character, the person we are, and of course our behavior. However, it can be conditional or unconditional. Now, this here reminds me of an episode of FRIENDS, where Joe argues with Phoebe about the selfless acts and that, this utopia of doing things unconditionally doesn't exist. 
This dilemma has been existing for long, it is like the question with the existence of it there, is it not???
So, do we really do things unconditionally, without any expectations in return or do we seek something out of it? 
Well, I can't name any act in my life till now which can really be tagged as "unconditional". 

Does unconditional love really exist?
My answer would be No. Believe it or not, we do expect something when we act or when we give something to others. 
It doesn't have to be material gains but the feeling itself, that feeling of satisfaction you get...that moment of happiness and the real smile on your face, after making somebody else happy or fulfilling their is all so not "unconditional".
As humans, we are bound to expect and that's what we do, which is alright. But, the point to be noted here is that one should not live to fulfill the expectations of others and don't ever try and fulfill all of them...your life will be over before you know.
Just love what you are doing and ask the question to your inner-self, whether your actions are fulfilling your greater aim. If not, at least listen to the voice of your consciousness (really listen...its there- Believe me). You know it from inside when you make someone happy. 

So, now when you love something or someone...just expect that inner happiness and nothing more. Because expectations are endless but we can control them. 

Give love and be loved :)
That's all for today!
Catch up with you all tomorrow. Thank you for reading this.


  1. What would you say about a mother loving her sick or weak baby?

    1. Mother's love knows no bound and is the purest form of love known to mankind. It's beyond comparison and can't be shackled in the chains of judgment.
      Also, it's not the kind of love I wrote the blog about. Mother's love is eternal and can never be diminished to being compared with something else.❤️


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