As a child I always asked my mom , why I don't have siblings like the other neighbor’s around us?
She always answered – “ because I wanted to give you undivided love”
This feeling of her’s has always been there in my life and at every juncture I felt that she has given me all that she had inside her as a single child, however I noticed one thing in the journey of my life with her that this immense love towards me doesn't stop her from loving and caring for others in our family.
As the eldest daughter among her siblings she made it sure that everyone got his/her due. She made special effort every year to send letters in the era of letters, text in the age of text , Making WhatsApp group and keeping everyone connected in present time, sending gifts to all with extra efforts of keeping everybody’s choice and likes in mind.
In a way she changed with the changing times keeping same core values inside her .
“Love for family”
Off course, I always try to show her the practical sides of our modern lifestyle and ask her to be just concerned with her own health and life.
But she just refuses to accept this modern day concept of relationships and says “that's how relationship grows. We need to nurture them and keep them alive.”
  Its hard to understand for us in this generation as we seek happiness in liberation and consider our bonds as emotional shackles . I guess therefore we are all lonely in our own small worlds and we have lost that warmth of relationships .
Its funny though that we still seek approval to our happiness and achievements on social media from all the random people around us as we are all LONELY and INSECURE.
I think our hearts have actually shrunken ….we can’t carry love for all in our hearts anymore and thus very conveniently call ourselves very busy for such emotional drama.
On the other hand if you can remember your grandparents or parents ,  they had a different spark and warmth in their relationships inspite of all the great works they did and all the property they collected for generations to come.
I am trying to learn this art of loving all and keeping it undivided at the same time.
Mark my words, its very tough and generations above us have been doing this very easily as they had some very strong values and emotional balance running in their blood.
We need to learn and master this art of “Undivided love” to enlarge our shrunken hearts.
Try to revive the magic in relationships and ‘ Mend the Bonds'.
Lots and lots of love from bottom of my ❤
“if someone really wants to be a part of your life , they will make all the effort to be in it “.


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