Ethics is the set of values which we all abide by ,be it towards humans, this environment and the animals.
In this age of Practical Pragmatism we conveniently define our own versions of individual versions of Ethics. The question which comes to my mind is-
Should we be liberal?
Should we be ethical?
Should we just be ambitious and an opportunist?
Teachers in this competitive world are the most struggling clan. Always hoping to cross the gulf of private sector and reaching the end of being in secure government sector.
Can this nature of job or the belongingness define our knowledge quotient?
Or our efficiency and work ethics would suffice?
The very few amongst us will understand the plight, whose “ethical and moral norms” are compromised to woo the management committees and to secure their jobs.

Will Durant says,
“the golden rule is not to seek happiness in utopia but to have a fair degree of worldly pleasures”
Pleasures liberate us, whereas everyday struggle and exploitation makes us depressed and our ethics has no place in this sphere of negation.

What we actually need is ethical consciousness and a democratic outlook. We must learn to protect our professional integrity instead of some ideal state of ethical excellence.

Moreover, what kind of ethics are we talking about when we do not have patience and we all just seek profit.


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