I would like to start with an apology for not being around for a very long time.

So here it goes- I'M SORRY
Really I mean it, how can't I when I know that this little blog of mine has very few readers.

So for now I'm here to stick around this time.

Well considering my profession I would like to discuss about the core of Indian school of  thought which I found is its belief on ' values' . 
You would wonder what I mean by it.
I believe it is the very foundation of our ethical and moral grounds in India.
Through out our lives we strive for developing values in our children for you know....our culture , traditions,customs and almost about everything.
Oh wait wait......
In the complete journey of this VALUE ORIENTED LIFE or say VALUE BASED EDUCATION SYSTEM we just forgot about a little thing called 'tolerance'.
This word doesn't even deserve to be 'equal'...oh there came the other value we didn't even care about-'Equality'

No matter how hard we try to boast about our long and golden saga of Indian culture and tradition ...the truth is we actually do not care about what we do in our real lives.
yes that is true my dear respected readers and the leaders, we don't care if someone dies without treatment or on the road , we do not care if the women of our cities are scared of roaming around freely on the streets, we do not care about if 40% of our population don't have anything nutritional to eat, and we do not care about children not being able to study in  schools.
After all what is there to care about... It is "their" problem.

All we care about is how can nation be 'saffronized'... yes that might not really be a word in the dictionary but it is how i would like to quote.

We have successfully been trained to be Blind.

We are free and modern and emotionless epitome of Practical - Humanity.

We are modern age Humans and we have attained complete control on our senses , upto the level that they do not even work now.



  1. वर्तमान संदर्भ में सटीक !
    Keep it up.

  2. I remember the dialogue from this movie Swadesh, it goes like this, hamari problem ye hai ki hum apni har galti aur kami ko chhupane ke liye apni sanskriti ke peeche chhup jate hain aur keh dete hain ki hmare desh ki sanskriti duniya ki sabse mahan sanskriti hai


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