When we look back to all the months and days which passed by, the first thing which intrigues our mind is our own 'failure'.
Failure in achieving what we dreamt of when this year started and all that it came along with.
We all are busy calculating our profits, all the big investements,career,jobs,Exams,Life😵😵😵😵

Life this the life we made for us?
Ask yourself
Ask if this is what you wanted
If this is how you imagined it to be
If this is it
Let me guess
A big fat 'NO' is an answer to all these questions.
It happens afterall... such is life.
In relation to this,
I came across two concepts in Psychology  recently..
1.Internal locus of control
2.External locus of control
Do not worry
I won't deliver a lecture on Psychology here....

Well the small difference between two is our attitude towards situations we face.
Whether we take responsibility of  ourself or we burden others for our deeds.
All we need is a reality check on ourselves.
Have one on your life and proceed with your endeavours.You never know what this year has in store for you.

 Learn to take control of your own lives, take stand,be responsible and steer clear.

Its not about how big you make or how successful you become...its all about living a happy satisfied life with your loved ones around and when you realise this real happiness will find the Joy of Living.

Life isn't always about the BIG changes...but its the summation of all small changes  that we often do not notice.

These small moments of our present lives will become big memories of tomorrow.

Stay Blessed!
Be Happy😊
Live and Let Live..
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all☺☺


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