PARAM GYAAN (The ultimate knowledge)


Give yourselves a quite minute and think about a small kid standing in mid of a crowded road.. jammed up by cars, shrieking horns and shouting people....just imagine that kid standing there alone amidst all this with a confused expression on his face, fearful eyes , all teary .
Scary...... isn't it?
We in this vast world go through the same state of mind each and every time we plan to start something new and all we crave for ...all we want is a hand to hold on and walk pass the crowded road.

Yes that one hand which can show us the right path...the right way to come out of a dark room.

Divine angelical feeling it is to have founded the right way for escaping any scary unfriendly  uncomfortable situation...

Let it be you, we can do it on our own.

Now give yourselves another minute and think of all your achievements.

You will see that suddenly your heart and mind will be free from all fears and inhibitions.
You will be confident and affirmative of all your decisions in life.

Rewind your struggles, all the hardships and all the challenges you went through to achieve this life achieve what you are today.
Rewind all the curses, all negative words you heard each single that each micro second when you were having food with your family,when you failed, when you making all the efforts to succeed, when your friends , family, spouse.....Your father did not believe in you.

You are already a champion to have overcome all these .
 And, If all those words are still haunting you.....Go outside in an open space and SHOUT.....LOUD ENOUGH ....JUST SHOUT. Empty it all....empty your mind and your heart...
You will see positive feelings grow in your heart.

are you okay now?

Let us proceed and enhance our knowledge about the Indian Perspective of thought.

Here it goes :

Specially in Indian families I don't know why we have an immense urge to show the  achievements to our father. we always strive to show our success to our father. Even the songs in our Bollywood have been written with same thought,
"Papa kehte hain bada naam karega"
Why it has to be always about satisfying him?
Arey!......Mothers can be highly ambitious for their kids too...common give equal rights.
Though mothers are different you know...they hardly judge your efforts and for them you are her daughter or son ...job or no job.

don't be surprised its sarcasm.

fathers in India have that special bar of excellence which decides that all the efforts their child is making is not enough.
 and despite the fact that you are really trying to prove yourself right ....You are still not doing enough.
For example...You passed from school with fairly good grades, you graduated, you specialized in your field, you earned a respectable job.....
It's still not enough.
For God sake Einstein would not have been "THE EINSTEIN " if we all possessed the same IQ he had.

We need a paradigm shift in our thought processing.
1. Stop fishing for compliment

2.Stop trying to prove yourself in your every endeavor.

3. Don't seek appreciation.

Its completely our fault. Think correctly.

live a little.
laugh a little.
Dance...Do whatever you feel like doing in this moment.

life is not about earning profit all the time.
You don't need to be told always, follow your heart and instincts it will show.
If you have lived for 25 years successfully without doing any crime are the right person , you don't need to prove yourself right.


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