A New Year ...New expectations and New hopes..
The year 2015 was a year which gave me many things but also took much away....
Its said that we should not look behind while walking straight up in our life or on our path ahead.
However I feel completely different about this philosophy.
We must look back to our mistakes , to our failures and to our loss.
We must take a good look ...just for the sake of motivation and inspiration.
There is no other great teacher than our own mistakes.
About the loss I talked about in the lines above.. yes people around you...have a good look on the complete list.
Many of them do not exist in this new year
They just live through your memories now .
So ,
Cherish what you have....treasure it all.
Failures , loses , mistakes are all an inherent part of our lives...and the hidden smiles behind all of them are little sunshines which will always be there, like the two sides of the same coin.
Welcome this new year as a new ray of hope and as a new dawn of your night...
Let the worries take a back seat.
Laugh your heart out
Be happy
Share a smile
Happy New Year!


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