For all these years I followed the philosophy of remaining silent when it came to fighting for things I want in my life and thought merrily that it would work... But...BAAaaaaM!!!!
It didn't....
Seemed I never grew up...or developed my own voice.
Remaining silent on our choices doesn't give you an edge ...its not the right solution. After all how can silence solve things or can define your choices.

It just makes a fool out of you.
all the people I know around me never sought my approval to things in their life....they happily did what they wanted...still doing what they want, what makes them happy...
On the contrary I fall in the category of people who constantly seek social approval in their decision and what will THEY think?
Not any more.....

Follow your heart and do things which gives you happiness even if  THEY don't like it.

Let me tell you something about THEM....
THEY are just creepy people who will never be satiated no matter what you do.
So give a shit and think about people who actually matter to you , make you happy, respect your choices.
Get a voice....and say aloud what you want.

At the end you are answerable for your life...Ruin it or Construct it!!!
Choice is yours.


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