Some of the people I know have a philosophy of "Switching off" the relationship if there is something incompatible or the differences go beyond the range of "adjustment".

However I think and I believe that nothing is beyond repairs.
Making different choices and having a different philosophy for life is quite natural , don't you think?

Well it so happens with me that Im often misunderstood or say misinterpreted.

We all make different choices and career options which defines us .

Relationships hold a great value for me , it might not be evident at times But they do. Therefore I refuse to the formula of 'Giving Up'.

Finding a person who is genuine and truthfull is quite difficult in present times ,right?
Also the people around us help us know ourselfs better(correct version admist AB.1 , AB.2 and many others).
So instead of delisting people around us we should rather concentrate on acquiring skills for making amendments.
Instead of going by the market standards of people ,why not judge them by our own experiences.

Its quite an effort trust me, finding right kind of people to be around
 but isn't it worth a fight?
Stick around in this mean world!


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