Chapter Two : The Life Unexpected

There are days when you realize that some things are meant to be.
You see a person and you think I have met him or her before or you visit a place which is completely new for you but still seems familiar. 

Just when I thought that the course of my life will not change , something very unexpected happened to me. I got a job which I never thought would be mine.
Well its not exactly what I wanted from my life but is definitely the first step, the very first one.
Its the road in which I have to travel further , much further.

So here I am , at this place which is completely new to me but seems like I have been here before.

Believe me I haven't seen some old creepy Bolly  movie about reincarnation :)

But , what if !

The other day I was standing at the banks of river Ganga which is like half a kilometre from my current dwelling  and I realized I have seen this , the blue sky, white sand, enormous endless Ganga , Sun which goes down , deep down into it and that I have been here before.  I have seen all this..... All of it . How is that possible?
May be its true , the saying that there is more than what our eyes meet. Something which decides the course of our life.

I am Game.
Get Set Go!


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