Life in many ways seems to be unfair.

We don't always get what we want, we lose, we fail, the hard work does not pay , dreams don't become reality , u get mugged , even the maid ditches you or u fall from staircase for that matter. :)
There are so many things to complain.

Somehow all these so called  PROBLEMS seem to be trivial when you face the reality of life.

A person so close to you who taught you to walk , taught you to see the right picture of life no matter how hard it looks , to remain positive and full of enthusiasm throughout the fight ,
in a matter of seconds is unable to walk , but still has the zeal to fight ,to stand again , to fight all odds. Then how can I say life is unfair, it always gives you a second chance.
Our life is the result of our own actions.

Yes , we all complain of trivial issues and the usual ups and downs of life , its human nature. But, instead of complaining we all can think about solutions. In this way we will never let darkness and negativity to creep in and ruin the balance inside you. All you need to do is Switch on the light!

Life has much larger picture and every moment has the capacity to change your whole life.

So, no matter what, never let anything overpower your inner strength.

If somebody can , U can!


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