For a long time I was thinking I had lost it , that I can't write anymore or maybe my thoughts were clouded , but god has his own ways of inspiring  and resurrecting you  like a phoenix.

Precisely I have been on a thought processing for more than six months and all this time I have been brooding upon my career path and my goals ,a few things got straight and much is still left. 
And at this time when I say 'No' to pretty much everything , a wedding came up in which I had to go(had no option of saying NO). I was negative about it the whole time as it was taking place in a place which is like forbidden to visit in summers because of its climate also it's a very small town , however it was chance to meet a long list of people I have not seen in a long time. Whatever be the reason I left for this place with my parents to attend the wedding with all possible amount of negativity in my mind. I did not have the slightest idea that this trip was going to change my whole outlook towards maybe everything.

Trip to Aurangabad and village Tendua showed me the two pictures of life , it showed me how people despite of grievances forget all the hard feelings and come together just to be a part of huge celebration, how a union of two strangers with the vows of marriage strengthens the bond between every relationship we share , how a dilapidated house brightens and comes back to life with a celebration , reunion and laughter , how people who lived at the same place become a past and some only live through our memories.

In this age of high profile weddings , this wedding in Aurangabad taught me that  love and people make it special not the luxury.
Life is too short to be cribbing and nagging about petty issues and discomforts . We should live each and every moment and do what makes us happy.



  1. Too Good.khandhar batata hai ki Imaarat buland thi.

  2. Beautiful article chutki !! Do keep writing :)

  3. Pictures have lot of hidden stories in them .. May be for next time .. each picture k saath kuch story bhi likhna :)

    1. Thank you Bhai :) Yes pictures do have a lot to say .I left it on my readers to guess. Because each one has his own point of view towards how they perceive things. Sometimes its good to imagine the story behind pictures rather than reading the already written one.


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