Life is a constant struggle.
Yes it is and please don’t just think of it as a biological struggle or struggle for survival. What I’m going to talk to you about is the struggle which every one of us go through in our daily lives.

Struggle for power, position, money or for that matter being the perfectionist .
Struggle of a women, struggle of a man, of a mother, of a father, of a single parent.
Struggle for finding love and letting it go .
Struggle for saving marriage or any other relationship in life.
Of finding yourself amongst all this and also losing yourself once in a while.
Of making your own identity, living it.
Struggle to curb and control those small temptations which you have inside.
Struggle for striking the perfect balance between work and home.
Struggle of mind and heart.
Struggle for life and death.

Well I guess by now you must have become tired of the word ‘struggle’ J
This is way beyond our imagination , there are just so many things for which we fight for every single day. What really matters is the strength to fight , taking a stand and overcoming all these challenges. This strength lies in our inner self and that is the most important thing.

So, no matter what don’t lose your fighter instinct and the inner power , that strength which makes you what you are in this life , Because at the end it doesn’t matter you win or you lose ( it’s just the part of game), What matters is that you fought .

You fought against all the odds and survived.


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