No matter how hard I try to believe in the system which I live in, I lose my faith and trust on the mechanism it runs.  Health care for example has been much of concern lately due to some reasons , all I could see is that health care here in this part of India has no 'care' word .
 Well it is certainly just a small city which  hardly counts if we need to see things on an all India basis but one cannot ignore this fact that the pace of development in terms of brands, hospitality and buildings is at par with any other big city of India  in this part. So yes you tend to compare things, right!
I see big hospitals here with the utmost modern architecture and equipment , with fancy furniture and lights, huge parking lots and cafeterias , not to forget the reception area with beautiful charming faces sitting on revolving chair , without a semblance of idea how things work in the medical area or for that matter how to treat relatives of the patients.

The reasons I could some it up as an area which only cares for profit maximisation rather than caring for its patients are as follows :-
  • They show no emotions , nothing at all. No sense of compassion and empathy.
  • They play music, yes they do have fancy speakers in the lobby area.
  • While you wait for an update on your patients status none of the staff members will come up to you or attend your questions.
  • While you face hard time accepting that some one so dear and close is no more , the reception staff will continue with their chit chat and snack session , right there in front of you.
  • Rather than giving you the right updates they will mislead you.
One thing which really made me think twice before coming to these big health centres is that , they will tell you that your loved one is alive , who actually is  no more  just to make money through the help of ventilator.
Shocking ! Isn't it?
So yes think twice before making a choice , else in a case of emergency just be aware , check the procedures and protocol ,ask for constant updates.
We need a major change in this area , actually it requires a good long training of both the parties..


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