No matter how hard you plan , you fail , you lose.
This one is about a little difficulty which I guess stops me every time from doing what I actually want to do. Here we go...

Its quite obvious that in a life of 25 years you come to meet an average amount of people who you know personally or professionally, but best of them are the ones who are never tired of giving negativity to others they are best of the whole lot , trust me they are. This species is found everywhere and they can be very challenging to deal with. But as it is said ,'Perseverance is the key to success'. Keep trying!

When I decided to return home there was a whole clan who did not agree with my decision , however I just did what I had to do. Yes it was difficult for me to leave suddenly and compromise with all the luxuries of living alone  but it was worth it. Also, I broke the hearts of many so called 'friends' I had.
I took all the positivity I could take from the few people I had in my support and here I'm ,doing what I wanted to do.  Well done!

Wait .... that's not the happy ending, there's much more to it.
I thought life would be smooth here but this 'Homo sapiens -ve' , as I told you they are omnipresent. Now they had a whole new list of criticism or problem with my way of living.  Examples are as follows:-
a) why did I come back from Delhi? OR why I went to Delhi if I had to come back at the end?
b) why am I not getting married?
c) why am I not losing weight?  I would like to answer this one:) :) only Fat people can understand this.
Answer) I want to but mere want doesn't make you thin, I'm happy this way.  Also there's no magical pill which will make you look thin in seconds . It takes time and hard work , so I'm trying , even Vidya balan did :) Right?
and here comes the 25 marker - d)why am I not getting a job?
NOTE:Questions asked above are set by the guest faculty and not from the two people who actually brought me into this world . No matter how hard you try to answer you will fail at last.

This may sound rude to some but advices are free even for the ones who did not apply them in their own lives.
I'm open to suggestions ( the good ones) and from the little what I have seen and I know , I realize what's in the best interest for me. What is wrong if I want to study more or just want to explore more for what is in the account for me or don't want to get a job in a hurry?
 The only way to deal with this is to make use of both the ear god has provided us with ?
Let me guess...
A dumb smile can heal it all. It does for me sometimes.
 Well all this is going to make me stronger I know for sure.

PS - there has been a continuous use of 'I' in this post , I'm sorry for the monotony; but this one is for me so please bear with it.


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