How to work it out???

When I sit back and think about relationships , actually the ones which are going through a rough patch the most common issue which is contested is regarding having ones own space . Yes definitely , I agree each one should have his own space and liberty too but at what cost? Have you ever thought about it?
What if  we do not have an option of say just calling off everything or  turning our backs to the concerned person , like in blood ties,what should we do then , fight like Cats and Dogs and resolve everything...well could workout you know...........(applies only if the other person or your partner feels the same way).

I personally believe in solving things by an open dialogue .....just talk about the problems. Give a considerable amount of time to the other person and then come back to the problem, address it if you like or just leave it there.
I do not like the part where people just go away without any justified explanation.
All that mutual understanding , love and care just vanishes in a blink of an eye, this is escapism, the easy way ....Run away and continue with your own life. Why? Can people really live like that with shadows over head.
As it is said,
"Nothing can be changed by changing the face , but everything can be changed by facing the change"
We should just sit and try to resolve the differences and you know after 10 years time we would sit and laugh about it.
At last when I still cant decide ...... I think about life without that person and I always get the right answer.

PS - I'm sorry for my absence for a very long time....  uhhhhhhh! To whom I'm saying this .....who has time to read all this rubbish in this busy busy world :(


  1. We r busy bt nt dat mch dat we can't praise gud things...!!

  2. Haha thanks a ton Ashish:-) means a lot to me.


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