It's worth

It is a very easy task to realise the value of something  and it becomes much more easier when we love it,But do we actually?
I don't ,until I lose it. This is what generally happens.
We know nothing is going to last forever but still we don't realise it's value in our daily lives. I guess that 's human nature.
I tell you, this is the most common mistake that we all make.
In the present world where life has no guarantee ,we should cherish each and every moment of our lives.
So, stop complaining and fighting over trivial issues , live every moment of your life and let your loved ones know that you love them.
Because you never know when it's there and then in another moment it's gone forever.

I hope and I wish that people who lost their loved ones in current havoc may again be united and those who lost them forever may find peace and strength to carry on.


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