Democracy of my dreams

To start with a question I would ask myself and to we really live in a democracy?
yes India is a democracy, but surely not in its pure form. As Aristotle would have said - What we are currently living in  is actually a perverted form of democracy ,to be more apt 'a decaying democracy'.

My intention here is not to point out the loopholes in our system....there are many more and much powerful people around to do that. After all  what are critics for ....

Being a potential citizen what concerns me is the way democracy can be achieved.
 Democracy in every field and every aspect of human life , which can only be realized if we are free . i.e.,

  • Free to speak
  • Free to express
  • Free to think    

Apart from freedom , Equality for all would ensure a true democracy.

  • Equal in terms of justice
  • Equal in terms of opportunities
  • Equal in terms of liberty
And for achieving this state we can't just rest upon the law makers of this country,off-course its their duty but is it just their responsibility? I don't think so  ....
We should equally participate, we the people of India, should participate in ensuring freedom and equality to all.
You see it's called the "trickle down theory' , which says any policy or practice applied in the higher stage of a system gradually percolates down to the lower stages of system . In our case it might work horizontally and not in the way its actually supposed to work i.e. vertically. Horizontally means it will work on the basis of influence .
I'm not saying its the right way or a solution , but it may be a tentative one.
It's just what I believe.


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