Today when I thought of writing this post in the morning , I zeroed on ‘self-realization’… and was just about to start ,I went in my balcony to just clear my mind and then…………what I saw was just so furious, the apartment in front of mine was completely ablaze , people were running with whatever they could collect from their houses…there was chaos….and I just stood there without moving an inch ,I was frozen for that moment and a few minutes later all I could think of was rushing out of the building as soon as I can.

Let’s just rewind it………………

I was on self-realization, what kind of self realization when you could just die in seconds….burnt alive…….the fear of death is gross ….. believe me it’s very horrifying …wooooosh and all you can see is ash…dark black smoke and ash.

Thankfully it was just loss of the building and no lives…..but it made me realize how important and precious this one life is. 
So , I would like to take this moment as an opportunity to be grateful to God for giving me this life and all that I have.
Thank you god , for your blessings and saving so many lives.   


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