Is it possible to describe yourself in one word?
For me its quite impossible. For past one week I have been thinking about this....what could possibly be the word for me....
I tried every word that would fit my personality.
But nothing seems to be apt for me.
God am I such a complicated personality...... :( 

Then today while reading Idealism....I found something and that is -
it's really tough task to describe yourself ....only some can accomplish this task and others like me who are always confused, have to wait .....wait till they reach a certain stage ,where they completely know themselves....that is the stage of 'Self- realization'.
Now 'self-realization' is that when you know what you are,you know your actions and you have the ability to take responsibility of your mistakes.....
It's the stage when you don't remain just you.
And it's the highest stage of life that anybody can reach.
So, Mishrajee you will have to wait longer and keep working on yourself.

Note:Try to be true , at least to yourself.


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