I have been studying Political Science for a while...initially I considered it more of a scientific discipline.....but as I Introduced myself to the Political thought,I fell in Love with Plato....Its strange how a man from 427 BC understood human nature so well that it still holds true.
What he proposed for was an 'IDEAL STATE',where everybody was free and people worked according to their instincts.Plato understood our longing for freedom......that freedom which we seek today.
An independent life where we choose and we decide for our self,where we want to be free from liabilities.

I believed Thought to be a parochial part but I was wrong ,its the only part which can be applied at any point of time in life.It truly holds inside every answer we want.It gives an edge and enables you to see things from a different perspective.

You have to do it by yourself,
And you can't do it alone.
~Martin Rutte

Hence studying someone else's life can never be futile.


  1. but don't u think that he actually categorised human beings on the basis of their instincts & not giving them any chance to explore beyond that . . . Also, I would like to know your views on Communism of Wives & Property

  2. well none of philosophies comes without criticism...and he definitely gave chance to explore ourself and our capacities ...he even provided a chance to develop all our skills and inborn capabilities.
    what he proposed was a completely different society and no one was bound by a relationship...it was an open society.and there is the point where he proposed for communism of wives and property as for him that is the reason which corrupts us..also he kept women at the same stature women too were free of any relationship.


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