Relationship is a complex concept....we are born in this world with most of them.However,
there are a  few relationships which we by our own efforts, make on the basis of compatibility,understanding and sometimes even on trial and error basis.
But the common thing behind all the relationships made by our own efforts is that in the beginning its all rosy but gradually we start loosing interest in them,we start becoming selfish.
well what I learnt from my failures is that we start taking them for granted. We start taking our parents for granted,our friends for granted and continue to think that they will keep on bearing everything forever.
But there's an ugly truth people don't last forever. So the next time when it feels like you are loosing interest in any relationship,stop for a moment and think can you live without that person? I bet,you will find the answer.

Once my professor told me - "we know it from inside when we hurt our dear ones"
Life is too short to fight for trivial issues.
 let's try and make people happy around us instead of giving them our negativity.
Let's stop taking them for granted and cherish the moments which we spend together.

Because at last people go and memories remain.


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