There are times when it seems your life is on a smooth track and you will never look back,but.....there comes the twist you can't move forward without taking a step backward.....
In other words for a long jump, first  we need to move backwards.

The thing which happens with me is,when I'm completely sure that my life is moving forward it takes a 'U' turn.
and whoopee I'm again there at the same point from where I started.
The worst part is I can't blame it on anyone,so the almighty, GOD becomes the victim...

You see its very easy to blame others ..very easy to just burden someone else for your own mistakes.....and trust me even when you don't realize you do it...we all do.

Taking responsibility for your own deeds is a very big thing....and if you can master that you become a true person ...a person who is sorted out and clear.
The point to remember here is our dear ones cannot be with us forever to counsel us or approve our decisions.....at one point of time we need to be on our own.
They are there to support us , to watch our back...
and at the time when you feel God has left you...close your eyes (you can even keep them open and think)
and tell yourself that YOU BELIEVE.

Even In the worst of times almighty is there with us...he never leaves.....
 So, I believe. :) 


  1. hahaha aiki again u said a few words with lot of meaning. its same story of mine at the age 24 . And d same U turn comes in my life and finding lot of difficulties in taking any decisson.
    < insaan jo khud khush nai hai wo dusro ko kaise khusi de>

  2. you can never give happiness to others until you are happy and contended from within.So go with the flow of life....whatever happens,happens for a good reason.


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