Each and every beauty pageant uses this as a statement or as a question to the contestants. Then why we want to see only plastic beauties with styled hair, fair skin,good shape and not to mention with 'make up jo na lage made up'. Matrimonial's still have advertisements asking for fair and good looking girls, when beauty lies within.
for the real world inner beauty has no meaning......
when I think about the reasons behind preference for fair skin , the only thing which comes in my mind is - colonization of India (FAIR=POWERFUL), and that is the reason that our markets still have skin whitening creams,white tone powder and creams that claim to give you fair skin in one week or so. We want them hence they are selling......

If we are at peace from inside then it shows on our face,and any lotion cannot beat that friends be at peace.

Remember what kung-fu panda teaches us to practice - 


  1. Plato also said " beauty can be seen without looking at beautiful things" but I guess because of so much of glamorisation people are running behind the skin . . .

  2. that's right...people judge others just on the basis of outlook one carries...which for me is completely wrong basis for judging people.


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